A St. Patty Update

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

There’s nothing quite like dressing in green, drinking green beer and enjoying some new GREEN articles. These new articles include a great new article from Ron as he continues to guide us through the UofA Chemistry Teaching Labs and highlights all the great work the Koffler staff are doing to green undergraduate education. Follow that article up with two new articles from GREEN’s two newest members: Laurel Kegel and Cody Corbin. Philosophize with Laurel about the word “green” and share Cody’s frustrations as he tries daily to “green” research that has a tendency to be “ungreen”. If you want to know more about Laurel and Cody, head over the Our Team page and read their bios!

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So, from GREEN to YOU; wear green, see green, drink green, be green, live green, and have a safe and wonderful day!