GREEN February Updates

First of all, GREEN wishes everyone a happy new year!! I know it’s February now but we decided to take January off in order to put together all the new things GREEN has coming up. Along with the three new articles this month, that I think everyone (yes, even those non-chemists out there) will really enjoy, here are a few new additions to GREEN and other plans we have in the works.

1) GREEN is officially on Facebook! So head over to the page ( and “like” us so you can keep up with all that is GREEN.

2) The new Facebook page brings an exciting new Trivia of the Month competition GREEN will be doing. Every month GREEN will be putting up a couple trivia questions (one specific to greening and the other just for fun) for a chance to win prizes!! Head over to the Facebook page, read the rules, and learn something new.

3) If you have read the articles this month (and if not, please do so), you will notice a guest article. Dallas is kind enough to be the first guest writer for GREEN and we hope to continue this every month. So if you know anyone in GREEN, lock your doors because you might be asked to write something. With this addition, we will be removing these updates and giving them a permanent tab on the website so we can continue to have three GREEN member articles and one new guest article.

4) Next month we will be releasing an additional newsletter separate to The GREEN Informant (so if you haven’t gone down to the bottom of the page and signed up, you should do that now!). This new blog will contain two Tips of the Month; a research tip and a household tip. If you are already signed up for The GREEN Informant, you will be receiving these news tips automatically.

We are all very excited about these new features and additions to GREEN and we look forward to continuing to help educate all about the importance of Seeing Green. Remember to head over to the See More Green section of the website and see other updates and articles from all of our green friends across the world who work tirelessly to make the world a better place.