GREEN Update – July 2014

Well, sports fans, it has been a crazy month. I want to apologize for the lack of GREEN articles and updates as we cook into the summer and pass into a new stage of GREEN existence. As our workloads and personal lives overtake us from semester-to-summer, and as I transition to a full-time position that takes me away from the university and limits my time and abilities in GREEN, I look over this amazing group of people that make GREEN what it is. I see passion and drive that one can only dream of as the members of GREEN continue to pursue the mission we collectively set out to achieve. While I will remain around and contribute as much as I possibly can (after all, I can’t stay away from the message and people I believe in), be sure that you are in capable hands when it comes to the first-class content, commitment and expertise that has already made GREEN so great (hell, you will probably get even better content!).

With that said, I am stoked to announce a couple new additions to the GREEN group: Juliana Gil-Loaiza and Yadi Wang! We are very fortune to add their passion to the team and the two great articles they have written for our July issue (check out the articles on our website: and, respectively). Read about recycling, the power of solar energy and the benefits of sustainability through these awesome articles. Also, look out for some new group pictures and the individual bios and pictures of our new members. And don’t forget to checkout Cody’s new article on the implementation of green principles in industry; life-changing stuff. It’s exciting to be introducing members that consist of chemistry, biochemistry and biology backgrounds!

Finally, I have to say we are VERY excited about the new surprises we have in store for GREEN followers. Have you ever wanted to purchase green and recycled items as decorations and practical household items? Have you ever wanted to purchase a cool household item that benefits and supports your local (and if you live out of the States, not so local) green group? Well, you are in luck. GREEN has official been working on a new line of recycled and practical merchandise that is not only practical but also beneficial for helping us achieve our ultimate goals of spreading the green message. Stay tuned and we hope you are as excited as we are!

With all of that said we hope you enjoy this month’s issue and remember to spread the message, sign up for the newsletter and encourage all to be green with GREEN.