Recycled Wine/Beer Bottles for Household Use and Decoration

In GREEN we strive to find ways to reduce our waste profile and recycle everything we possibly can. With this thought in mind, we have come up with an endeavor from which you, the reader, can benefit. We will soon begin selling recycled glass containers (wine and beer bottles, sauce jars, etc.) that have been re-purposed by cutting and fire polishing for new and practical household uses. The following items are currently offered:

  • Tall and short glasses
  • Planters
  • Vases
  • Funnels.

As a non-profit organization GREEN uses all proceeds towards furthering the message of green chemistry, whether it’s through outreach activities, fliers, or guest speakers.

Below are the items we will soon offer and the prices for each. Quantity of items varies at any given time. If interested or have questions, please email to inquire about what you’d like and the quantity. Choice of color is not currently provided, though olive and green wine glasses are primarily what we have in stock. Note that these products are and cut and fire polished, and though we strive to make each one perfect, results may vary.

Glasses (Wine) – These glasses are made by cutting a wine bottle at one of two possible locations. We thus have both large and small glasses. $5 Large glass, $2.50 Small glass.


Funnel (Wine) – These glass funnels are made by cutting the bulk of the bottle off, leaving the neck as a classy funnel for whatever purpose you need. $5


Planter 1 (Wine) –Bottle is cut to allow the top to be flipped into the bottom, where water can be added. A wick through the neck to the top allows water to get to a small plant in soil. Small plant provided for an additional $5. $10 for planter, $15 with plant


Planter 2 (Wine) – The bottom of a wine bottle is cut off and the top corked, providing a deeper planter which, with a woven sisal (not provided), provides a unique hanging display. Cork has a hole drilled through for proper drainage. Small plant provided for anadditional $5. $10 for planter, $15 with plant

Planter wine_final

Vase (Wine) – These bottles are unique in that the label is ceramic, not paper, thus it stays with the bottle forever. The top of the bottle is cut off, leaving the cylindrical portion for a variety of different decorations to be placed. $10

Planter wine 2_final

Glass (Beer) – These glasses are made by cutting the neck portion of the bottle off, leaving a small drinking glass. $2.50

vase_wine final

Glass (Pasta & Salsa Jars) – These glasses are made by cutting off the top of the jar, providing both large and small glasses. $5 Large glass, $2.50 Small glass

glass beer 1_final