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Print out an ACS pocket-size version of the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry by John Warner and Paul Anastas!
12 Principles of Green Chemistry Pocket Guide

Print out the ACS ”non-technical” version of the 12 Principles (this is great for anyone)!
Non-Technical Green Chemistry Pocket Guide

A great introduction to the 12 Principles, including questions to ask yourself what green research means to you (from friends at UC Berkely).
Intro Green Chemistry Berkeley

Checkout this letter regarding the dangers of carbon tetrachloride as a solvent.
Banned Solvents

What Is GREEN Doing?

Cliff’s Five Basic Rules For The Entrepreneurial Green Chemist

Part One–part-one

Part Two–part-two

Tori’s lecture on the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry. Turn up the speakers on your computer and let the members of GREEN teach you about greening your research!

GREEN’s Friends

This website and newsletter could not have occurred without the inspiration of our friends, Melanie and Laura at the University of Toronto. So go check out Green Chemsitry Initiative and see how green chemistry is being spread across the world.

To be quite honest, we may never have met Mel and Laura if it was not for the ACS Green Chemistry Institute. GREEN thanks ACS GCI for their life-changing workshops and conferences, and their support. So head over to ACS GCI and learn from the experts in green chemistry.

Special Thanks

GREEN wants to give a special thanks to Dallas for taking the member pictures and trying to make us look good. I guess we should have worn ties… And a VERY special thanks to Andrew from The GREEN logos, website, and newsletter look better than I could ever have imagined. Thanks again for everything, bro.

This page is ever-changing so visit regularly to learn more about Green Chemistry and how it is being used!