September Update 2014

Welcome back GREEN readers to another exciting edition of The GREEN Informant.

This month’s issue showcases a couple articles, including an interesting read about the music industry and how it is working to better our environment (or not), as well as bringing back some of our previous articles on the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry. Here at GREEN we are very dedicated to educating all about these principles and how you can incorporate them into your research (no matter the field of research). We will continue to bring you these principles each month with overviews, experiences and examples of implementation.

GREEN is also looking for guest contributors to add to the GREEN Informant and website. The GREEN website is an excellent medium through which you can express your views and  opinions (supported with science–of course) regrading any aspect of greening research, education, and environment. We are also looking for more outreach opportunities, especially in education, and any suggestions are welcome. If you would like to write an article for the green website or have an idea for outreach activities, contact us at

We are also excited to announce our new line of merchandise! Since graduate students like their wine, our very own Cody Corbin is taking your wine bottles (as well as beer and booze bottles), and using his unique glass-cutting skills to make awesome new products. He is repurposing them as tumblers, stem-less wine glasses, soup bowls, and even planters. In collaboration with Tucson’s own Grafted Growers, we are planning on selling these unique GREEN planters with a plant (additional details to follow)!

All proceeds/donations will go directly to GREEN for travel money to bring you all guest speakers in the Green Chemistry field, organize workshops on green metrics, and promote general sustainability in our community. Checkout Cody’s article in this month’s issue and put in your order today!

Thank you all for your continued support and helping us make a difference in our departments, our science, and our communities.